Amanda Ford is a one-in-a-million massage therapist.  I have to admit to indulging in massages wherever I go, and my work has me constantly criss-crossing the country.  So I have a large frame of reference.  But Amanda stands out.  She has a deep, intuitive understanding of what a body needs at any given time, and is able to respond with her own unique blend of techniques.  In addition, she is a gentle soul; to be in her studio is to be in a place of quiet tranquility.  She is Portland’s best massage therapist by far, and can more than hold her own in comparison with anyone, anywhere.


Amanda is a mind reader! …Ok not really, but after her professional, therapeutic massage my body thinks so. What I love best is that she listens. Then she tailors her talents just for you. I really couldn’t ask for more.


Amanda is wise in her ways and vibrant in spirit. She asks questions orally and through skilled touch. She listens with ears, hands and heart. Her massage studio is a drift-off experience in relaxation. And, she uses her iron fingers in kid gloves to scare the hell out of your body’s most elusive and intransigent knots!


With life-long back issues I’ve learned a thing or two about the therapeutic benefits of deep tissue massage. I’ve been a happy client of Amanda’s for over 5 years and she is as good as it gets. She has worked with me to address chronic as well as temporary muscle pain – she knows her stuff and as a life-long learner she brings new ideas to the table all the time. The added bonus is how delightful Amanda is – spending time in her company is always a treat.


I have been seeing Amanda on a regular basis for over a year now, and my daily pain from scoliosis and a host of other related problems has lessened noticeably. Amanda’s vast knowledge of anatomy enables her to find pain sources that I don’t recognize myself, relieving areas that do bother me—this is especially true of her trigger point therapy, which helps greatly with chronic headaches.

Amanda is warm, open, and thoughtful, and she provides a very comfortable space.

Her rates are a great value to clients—I’ve paid much more for much less skilled work elsewhere.

These are all the reasons I continue driving well out of my way to see Amanda, over seeing therapists nearer to where I live and work. I’ll continue to do so as long as she’s practicing!


Amanda Ford is a very thoughtful wellness provider in her approach to massage. She works with the whole person, taking into account their uniqueness. I have recommended friends and family to Amanda and continue to do so!


I met Amanda several years ago at a community event at Lila East End Yoga, where I am a teacher and she was a student. There were many other body workers at the gathering, but I was drawn to Amanda’s warm personality. After my first 90-minute massage, I knew I had found someone special. I used to work at a spa and have gotten monthly massages for nearly a decade now, but I have never found anyone quite as intuitive and nurturing as Amanda. She is tuned in to anatomy and energy, and she is responsive to both body and mind. Her rates are also very affordable, especially for those of us in other healing professions with a very limited budget for self-care. She is a gift to the wellness community in Maine!


Amanda is one of the most intuitive and caring practitioners I have ever had. She is the only massage therapist that I have gone back to more than once – and I have been doing just that for 3 years. I have referred several people to her and they have all been thankful.


Amanda has an intuitive quality to her work. You will leave every time knowing that you got the most out of your session and walk away completely blissed out!


Amanda’s massage therapy is simply superb!  She identifies any issues that need attention beforehand and skillfully works them into her treatment, which is informed by her commitment to personal and spiritual growth.  I always leave feeling cared for, at peace, and rejuvenated.  And she is truly a joy to know and learn from.